Plastic Playing Cards

All our plastic playing cards are 100% PVC, are very flexible, durable, long lasting, and easy to clean. This gives them perfect surface to move and glide smoothly with each other. When buying plastic playing cards always check that you are getting real plastic cards and not a pack of business cards with faces on. So always ask for some samples first, we are more than happy to provide you with samples.

To check that a card is plastic cards, all you have to do is place the deck on a flat surface like a desk. Put your fist on the top of the deck, push down and twist! The cards should fan out evenly, and go back as you twist your fist back. These are proper plastic playing cards, if they move like a brick! They are really just business cards. These are not as durable as plastic coated playing cards. If you are buying for yourself or as a gift or using a magician for a promotional event, the plastic coating is essential for any slight of hand use.

We are constantly developing new ideas for personalized playing cards. Playing cards really have a great versatility and can be personalized to suit any purpose. From instructions to recipes, sight-seeing to art galleries or a completely new game, the options are endless. Perfect as a personalized promotion gift they have a unique longevity and will be used over and over again.