Personalized playing cards are used as advertising tools, as they catch the eye to gain more and more new clientele and alongside promote and endorse companies logo's, service or products to the market. This is a rapidly spreading marketing strategy and a new, innovative and revolutionary idea which will not only help the marketing and the sales for companies, but also the masses. The firm get a client base, advertisement of products, popularization of products, and a new way by which they can put introduce their range of products out into the market which is also convenient and inexpensive. The individuals on the other hand get the opportunity to showcase their new products and services and their different logos, branding and products by using playing cards as a medium to proliferate their ideas.

Personalized playing cards can be used for almost any sort of business, individuals profession, by making it your own personalized deck of cards. To name a few

1. Personalized cards for Hotels can feature the different types of suites, facilities, games and other services that guests can avail so that they can get their patrons staying at their hotels and resorts to explore the place and have an in depth feel of the resort and since their guests come from far and wide they would be able to depict the features of the hotels to their friends and relatives when they get back home with a natural branding of the establishment where they put up.

2.The Fashion World Could use personalized playing cards for showcasing the different couture designs, sophisticated clothing-styles based on different seasons(winter, fall, summer, spring lines ), changes in fashion, display of different designers, fashion houses etc.

3. The Food Industry will also greatly benefit by these personalized photo cards as they can display their mouth watering and exquisite delicacies on the playing cards with each card showing their different menus, which will promote their range of food to the public and giving their customers a range of choices. Fast Food shops like McDonalds, Subway, Burger King regularly use playing cards as giveaways and also let them know about the new food displayed on the menu's or also get other people to try out their new treats.

4.Toy Company's usually have their own personalized playing cards branding their companies, and also part of games that have other components integrated in the game. Usually toy companies do not have a facility to manufacture playing card which are usually sourced out for their games.

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